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High-Efficiency Fixture Direct-Install Program
Registration is now open

The Russian River Drought Relief Program webpage at  or is now accepting registrations for the High-Efficiency Fixture Direct-Install Program.

This program is fully funded and available to all qualifying homeowners in Cloverdale. 

About the Program
A limited number of high-efficiency fixture retrofits are available at no cost through participating water providers listed above.

The Program includes replacement of older high-flow toilets (3.5 gallons per flush or greater) with installation by a licensed plumber of up to two high-efficiency toilets (0.8 gpf).

In addition, the program offers free replacement of all high-flow faucet aerators with new high-efficiency models (1.5 or 0.5 gpm) and replacement of all high-flow showerheads with new high-efficiency models (1.5 gpm).

All Program eligibility requirements must be met prior to installation

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